Wings and Things coming to UT Tyler

Emily Bush

Arts & Lifestyle Editor

Students wait for their chance to buy some wings, mozzarella sticks, or jalapeno poppers during lunch rush. Photo by Emily Bush.

It’s official: “Slice of Life Pizza” will now be sharing a space with a new Sodexo restaurant called “Wings & Things” in the University Center. This new restaurant is a sort of place similar to WingStop with chicken wings and sides to satisfy your cravings.

Wings & Things is a test concept by Sodexo that will be sharing a space with Slice of Life for the time being. Sodexo Retail Manager Chandra Jackson spoke about the temporary closure of Slice of Life.

“Our pizza oven caught fire while we were out on break, and it was off, which is unbelievable,” Jackson said in an email. “The company thinks it was an electric issue, so it’s shut down for now. Hopefully Monday [Feb. 1] it will be back up and running.”

The great-tasting plain wings at Wings and Things come in baskets of six and cost $5.99. Photo by Emily Bush.

I went by Slice of Life on a Friday when they were closed, but they had a small sign with the menu of the new pop up restaurant. Wings & Things will serve three items that you can buy with Dining Dollars or your own money: wings in packs of six, jalapeno poppers, and mozzarella sticks.

“Wings & Things will be a pop-up in the Slice of Life area on Tuesdays and Thursdays of every week… When the pizza oven is fixed, the wing pop up will be in addition to the pizza,” Jackson said. According to Jackson, they have at least four flavors, including Buffalo, Teriyaki and Garlic Herb.

The jalapeno poppers bring a nice spice to your meal, costing $3.99. Photo by Emily Bush.

I was able to swing by again on a Tuesday, and I only got the plain wings to simply give the place a try. These wings are amazing, well-seasoned, with some crunch on the outside but not too much. They are absolutely wonderful, and I will be going back again.

Other students also seem to be excited for a new choice in food in the University Center. Senior English major Makenzie Holt gives her opinion on Wings & Things.

Mozzarella sticks cost $3.99 and come with a side of marinara to dip. Photo by Emily Bush.

“I really liked the overall feel of it! The food is super good, and the employees were really cool with me. I appreciate how their menu doesn’t just strictly revolve around one particular item alone and incorporates several different foods… I’ll definitely be telling my friends about it and bringing them with me next time I visit!”

This is great news for everyone who is a big fan of wings, and now you can get wings, pizza, and more all in the same space. Remember to stop by the University Center on Tuesdays and Thursdays to try their wings!

This menu sits on the counter at Slice of Life, showing all of the options from the experimental pop up wing restaurant. I cannot wait to see if more gets added if it becomes more than a pop up. Photo by Emily Bush.

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