Will You Become a Cinnaholic Too?

Emily Bush

Arts & Lifestyle Editor

The specialty rolls behind the glass cases had so much variety and inspiration. Photo by Emily Bush.

After recently moving back into the dorms for my last semester of my undergraduate career, I decided to take a trip to Cinnaholic on S. Broadway Ave. I wasn’t really sure at first because I was never a fan of the bigger cinnamon rolls, but I decided to give it a chance after giving their online menu a glance.

Cinnaholic is a franchise that was founded by Shannon and Florian Radke and first opened in California. They appeared on the famous TV show Shark Tank in 2014, when they adopted a franchise business model and started opening bakeries across the U.S. and Canada. Cinnaholic’s mission is to spread positive change through their 100% vegan products

Let’s just say that I am thoroughly impressed with how amazing the rolls were and how diverse their selection was.

The inside of Cinnaholic was quite welcoming and reminded me of a nice ice cream shop with bright lights and big menu boards with pictures of their products. Photo by Emily Bush.

When I first walked into Cinnaholic, it felt like I was in an ice cream shop. There were large menu boards with all of the different frosting flavors for the rolls, like vanilla, cake batter, raspberry, and chai, along with toppings like cookie crumbles and fruit and even dollops of cookie dough to buy separately or to put on top of the cinnamon roll. Glass cases displayed the different flavors of cookie dough and some of the specialty rolls they had; one of them was a UT Tyler Roll, a cinnamon roll with orange frosting topped with blueberries, graham cookies, and caramel. While all of the fancy ones looked delicious, I figured the easiest way to judge the place was to go with the “Old Skool Roll,” a basic cinnamon roll covered in vanilla frosting.

The flavor was absolutely perfect, a balance of sweet vanilla and the cinnamon combining to form an experience that I was surprised I hadn’t had yet. I even paired the delectable dessert with some sugar cookies and a glass of milk, and everything put together reminded me of a warm Christmas feeling with every bite.

The one downside I found to going to Cinnaholic was the price, but I find that I am typically on the more frugal side of the spectrum. My own roll cost $4.75, but it was a decent size and brought me a lot of joy. Some of the rolls with just frosting and one or two toppings average at $6.50, which is the price of most of their premade theme rolls. The bigger rolls, especially ones with the cookie dough, frosting, and several toppings, can reach up to $7.00.

My own “Old Skool” cinnamon roll tasted great, and I may go back again to get the cake batter frosting. Photo by Emily Bush.

In the end, I would say the $4.75 is worth it, especially with the “Build Your Own Cinnamon Roll” option that starts at the same price. I recommend that, if you are a fan of cinnamon rolls or cookie dough (or both), you go to Cinnaholic and try it for yourself!

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