UT Tyler Sit-mus Test

By Marcuz Valenzuela • Staff Writer

Students will be able to determine new furniture in the UC by participating in the University Center Sit Test via QR code. Pieces featuring in the study area, lounge, and dining space range in their comfort and functionality with their design.

“I haven’t really spent time over there as much but I pass by and it looks comfortable, and I see a lot of people sit down and do their work,” Raheal Egbe, freshman in the Biology program, said. “You wouldn’t really do your work if you’re not comfortable around the furniture.”

The couch from the Fringe Collection in the study area not only accommodates the most people but it also features many utilities. These utilities include a small charging station, a table, and a countertop built onto the backrest of the seats.

“The UC itself is already pretty loud but it would be nice to have some areas where the students could openly chat and talk to their friends,” Leah Werline, freshman and Coordinated Admissions Program student, said.

On the smaller side for personal use, the seat from the Hello Collection also combines comfort and support with functionality. This piece features a rotatable cup holder and mini-desk, with a considerable compartment for books and bags beneath the considerably cushioned seat.

The rest of the study area features for the individual chairs simplistic in their design, allowing for the voter to express their preference of armrest, backrest, aesthetic, and other structural nuances.

“I think it would be a good investment to get into chairs that have good reclining options because it’s so uncomfortable to study having to be hunched over your laptop,” Werline said. “Honestly it would be better to go to your dorm and study there.”

Participants making their selection for the dining seats will be able to choose their favorites among chairs differing similarly- having to express their preference of height, aesthetic, and build.

The lounge area features its potential in catering comfort and functionality with seats that can charge devices and seats that give one a sense of privacy. From the Fringe Collection, this red-cushioned seat, with otherwise comically tall armrests, has both AC adapter sockets and provides a sense of focus with its enclosing structure.

Chairs like the Confide, Reno, and Windowseat give their duality give comfort their own flair of functionality. The Confide and Reno are much like the Hello piece in the respect they offer advanced cushioning with a swiveling mini-desk. The Windowseat offers a place to recline and a place to feel at home.

“A sense of privacy, even though you aren’t being private,” Werline said.

Those who want to invest some time in the study, lounge, and dining spaces of the UC get to invest in what would make that space feel more at home. And picking out what feels more at home is just a scan-away.

“If I pick something and they leave it here, I will be more than happy to try it out,” Ebge said. “Before it becomes my favorite, I need to try it out first.”

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