The Weirdest UT Tyler Classes

UT Tyler is a weird school, in a weird area, in a weird state, in a weird country in a weird period in history. We have no parking, but more parks, marijuana might be legal, but we don’t know for sure, the POTUS is firing his cabinet like they were on “The Apprentice” and somehow we’re not concerned with the fact that we’re destroying our planet’s livability. But even by those standards, these classes are weird.

BIO 1320: Zombie Apocalypse: Biology of Disease

While the title sounds a little like a straight-to-DVD studio release, the class itself teaches the fundamentals of biology within the context of a zombie virus, like dead versus living cells, mutant zombies and even something on the syllabus that just reads “Brains!”

If you’ve binge-watched an embarrassing number of "The Walking Dead" episodes, maybe this class is a good place to put some of that Hollywood knowledge to work.


CHEM 3380: Chemistry of Brewing

Maybe you’ve seen the class’ posters across campus advertising this one, and while this upper division class does not list the legal drinking age as a prerequisite, the class does let students apply biochemistry and fermentation principles to the beer brewing process. Cheers, bro, I’ll drink to that!


CHEM 3381: Chemistry of Winemaking

Get your beer basics down and then level up to finally understand wine. This course, which also does not list being of legal drinking age as a prerequisite, teaches the biological and chemical composition of grapes, the mixing and aging of them both in an out of the bottle (basically taking all of the sommelier jargon you’ve ever been forced to listen to and breaking it down on a quantifiable, chemical level). At UT Tyler, apparently, we rosé all day hard.


CSCI 4362: Ethical Hacking

Government computer systems? Hacked. Our elections? Hacked. Banking software? Hacked. Grandma’s Facebook? Hacked. Everything’s getting hacked recently, but UT Tyler’s Computer Science Department has a class to teach how to do it ethically. What illegal mainframe penetration, and hacking itself, is, I don’t exactly know. If you do want to know, hack into Canvas (ethically), add yourself into the class and then let us know.


ECON 3325: Game Theory

Listen guys, I’m a Journalism major, okay? I don’t understand this syllabus completely, but from what I can decipher, it has to do with using strategy games like chess and (maybe) Dungeons & Dragons as a business strategy. If you can read the syllabus and follow what’s going on, then maybe this is the class for you.


KINE 1204: Power Yoga, KINE 1205: Traditional Yoga:

If you go to the wellness classes HPC, be nice to your yoga teacher; it’s entirely likely that they’re teaching this class for credit. They are technically paying for a class where they have to put up with your asinine attempt at Downward Dog, so think about that and maybe put a little more effort into your Warrior 2.

Power Yoga Syllabus:

Traditional Yoga Syllabus:

MARK 4370: Wine Marketing and Appreciation

Continuing along the alcohol vein (or grapevine, if you will), UT Tyler wants us to not only know how to produce beer, wine and spirits; they want us to know how to sell them, too. According to the syllabus, it will teach you the current wine landscape, old world and new world producers, the etiquette of wine and even branding. So raise a glass and get that 4.0, kids!


MATH 1332: Math for Liberal Arts Majors

The Pigeonhole Principle, the Art Gallery Theorem, the Fibonacci Sequence, why the numbers are in the order they are, numbers bigger than infinity, why a triangle has three sides and much more is what students can expect to learn from this class. Think of it as Geometry and Number Theory’s Alice-down-the-rabbithole offspring. This class has two parts if you really want to learn more about triangles.


READ 3330: Children’s Literature

Imagine getting graded on whether or not you read "Grimm’s Fairy Tales," Greek myths, "James and the Giant Peach" and "Aesop’s Fables." For Education majors (and possibly you, if you need an elective) it’s a reality.


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