The Talon Tries: Food trucks

Taryn Sullivan • Staff Writer

Say Cheese

Say Cheese is a gourmet grilled cheese food truck with many different types of grilled cheese sandwiches, such as a mac and cheese sandwich and a brunch sandwich. It is a popular food truck that is usually found at big city events or in various spots around Tyler during the week, like TJC or on the square. With kettle chips or tomato soup for side options, this truck is a great stop for a quick, hot bite. The bread is toasted with the right amount of crunch, and several varieties of delicious cheeses are used, such as cheddar, muenster and more.

The two items ordered, The MacCheesus for $8 and The Plain Jane for $5, were both tasty sandwiches, but the bowl of tomato soup for $3 was not. It was chunky, extremely salty and tasted more like a spaghetti sauce than a soup. UT Tyler student Britney Wallace says there was an odd sweetness to it and the consistency was too sauce-like. For that reason, this food truck gets a 7/10.

Texas Taco

Texas Taco is a street taco food truck that features beef or chicken tacos and quesadillas. Cheese, avocado, sour cream and guacamole can be added to any menu item for twenty-five cents each. Recently, this food truck has been spotted in the Big Lots parking lot next to Robert E. Lee High School on weekdays. It’s the perfect spot to quickly stop for some incredible street tacos. Each taco was only $3. Every taco comes with limes and a small side of verde sauce. The beef cilantro tacos were ordered with avocado and cotija cheese added, and they were delicious. The tortillas were crisp but not overly done. The meat was seasoned well and the flavors were simple, yet came together to create the perfect taco. No complaints about Texas Taco, so this food truck gets a 10/10.

Cupcake Avenue

Cupcake Avenue is a food truck that carries freshly made cupcakes in a variety of flavors for only $3 a cupcake. It is an expansion of a cupcake bakery in Austin, Texas, known as Two Gals Cupcakery. The cupcakes, fillings, buttercream and whipped cream are all made from scratch with popular flavors, including apple pie, red velvet, chocolate mint, cherry vanilla and snickerdoodle.

The vanilla strawberry was ordered because it was the last one left, but it ended up being a tasty choice. The cupcake featured strawberry puree, rich buttercream strawberry frosting, crumbly vanilla cake and a surprise strawberry filling, all topped off with a fresh strawberry on top. It was obvious why this cupcake was in high demand—it was simply delicious. The other cupcake ordered was the chocolate covered cherry that included mouth-watering chocolate cake, cherry syrup filling baked into the cake, rich chocolate frosting and a sweet cherry on top. Without a doubt, this food truck gets a 10/10.

Tacos El Guero Gil

Tacos El Guero Gil is a food truck that was found only 15 minutes away from campus in Whitehouse, but it typically runs in Bullard. The menu features tacos for $2, tortas for $6.50, tamales on some occasions and quesadillas for $5. Customers get a choice of beef or brisket, and two different salsas come with each meal, spicy red and non spicy green. The green salsa was preferred, as the red salsa was way too spicy for my liking. The cheese quesadilla without meat was ordered, and it included cheese, grilled onions and cilantro.

The initial reaction was, “Wow that’s it?” But after picking it up, the weight equalled what I paid for. There was a ton of cheese packed into the quesadilla, which isn’t necessarily bad, but not all of the cheese was melted. Waiting a few more minutes so the cheese could fully melt would’ve made the quesadilla just right, as everything else about it was great, like the crispy tortilla and the appropriate amount of cilantro and onions. Therefore, this food truck gets a 7/10.

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