The Talon Tarot: New year, new reading

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

From “The Wild Unknown Tarot” comes the Year Ahead Spread, a 13-card reading giving a peek into the lessons each month of the new decade holds. Arts & Lifestyle Editor Marcuz Valenzuela dives into the metaphysical to anticipate the year to come.

For the overall year, there is the Eight of Wands with the meaning of change or movement in the personal life. Sometimes meaning physical movement, the overall message of the year is also to make the best out of travel opportunities

For February, the Three of Wands is a reminder to utilize your own judgement. While some might be receiving or will receive trusted advice, it is important to rely on yourself as you move forward in your own life.

For March, there is the Six of Cups with the invitation to look back at the vibracy in the past, to recall memories and meditate on their joys. This card may even signal the resurfacing of old friends. Either way, the card is an invitation to really enjoy the little things in life.

For April, the Father of Swords models a figure of perception. By detaching emotionally from a situation, the Father of Swords is able to see clearly from different angles and make just decisions. When representing a person, this is a responsible figure with deep ties to their family. When representing the self, this card is a reminder to detach and see with just perspective.

For May, the Five of Wands bears a warning of conflict from within. The turmoil is a result of losing direction from spreading out too thin, spending energy on doing everything and yet nothing. This is a call to turn the sight inward and breathe, to find direction again.

For June, there is a reminder of inner strength’s importance with the Four of Swords. There may be external pressures bearing down on the shoulders. And there is power in tuning out the world and resting the mind.

For July, the Mother of Swords is modeling a well-experienced and knowledgeable figure. And there is value behind listening to the criticisms from a mind tempered with so much experience. This card may represent a woman in a trying time, perhaps widowed or childless, with a perception no-less sharp or valuable.

For August, the Nine of Wands tells the importance of perseverance. Some journeys may be coming to completion, and yet seem without an end while on the final stretch. However, appreciation can be found by looking back and seeing how far behind the beginning is. There is strength behind being able to say “almost done.”

September brings the Star card. Like the gems glittering and gleaming on a starry night, the Star is an invitation to look inwards and gaze at what shines so bright. It is an invitation to optimism and connecting to the power behind it.

The Nine of Cups means dreams coming true in October. Everything seems to be going all right when this new time of peace arrives. And when the going gets good, enjoy.

The Father of Pentacles models for November a steady and gentle figure with a passion within. When interpreted to represent a person, this is a figure who prioritizes needs of security and is enjoyable to be around.

The Two of Swords is for meditating on honesty in December. Perhaps there is a roadblock in your journey, maybe it is an obstacle put there by yourself. There is a stalemate obscuring the truth, and the truth may lie behind why there is resistance to your action.

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