The Talon Tarot: inner guidance for the skeleton, our inner self

Marcuz Valenzuela • Staff Writer

Tarot cards

In this issue’s reading, a clarifying spread was used with The Wild Unknown tarot deck to answer the question: “What can we do balance ourselves this spooky season?” At this point in the semester, we may be finding ourselves especially stretched too thin between homework, quizzes, exams, extracurricular and work life. Not only can this environment leave us drained of our energy, but we may also find that others’ energy may mix with that of our own for the better or worse. In this reading of clearing negativity in and balancing our energy, the cards pulled were the Eight of Pentacles, the Moon, the Sun, the Lovers and the World.

The Eight of Pentacles reminds us of the reward from diligence. Much like the spider building its intricate web, this card as the central focus of the spread is an invitation to build up towards goals at our considerate and sure pace, and to hone our skills even in the matters we truly enjoy. The Moon illuminates the dark place where dreams and fears are born, much like it illuminates the forest shrouded in sable. In the reading, it illuminates the dark shroud we might find ourselves cloaked in. However, in this shroud of dark nights, our creativity and inspiration can soar freely into the midnight sky. If careless, the moon will illuminate our fears lurking in the darkness. Following the Moon is the Sun, which represents vitality, with the warmth of its light nourishing and healing. Being paired up with the Moon, the Sun here would suggest that this period of enshrouding night can be used for the best and for letting our creativity shine bright with our vitality. And in balancing ourselves, even taking a step out in the outdoors, a step back from work and to appreciate ourselves and the environment, can be nurturing.

The Lovers card in the reading signifies strong and beautiful relationships on the horizon. Though some may see a glimpse of a significant other in the distance, this card reminds us of the importance of building up a strong foundation instead of rushing forwards. For those who find themselves in a relationship, the card is a reminder of gratitude for being able to “nourish this rare and precious gem.” For anyone, respecting and honoring each other can go a long way, along with honoring and respecting ourselves.

Last but not least, the World represents harmony, contentment and oneness to be found in completion. As this card was drawn to give an accompanying perspective to the reading, the Word represents the harmony and contentment found in the completion of our intricate web and the oneness in taking a step back and appreciating ourselves, those meaningful to us and what we find joy in.

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