The Talon Tarot: A spiritual guide to being the best you

By: Marcuz Valenzuela • Staff Writer

With the Impressionist Tarot deck, this issue’s question was asked using the Gallery of Dreams spread. A spread using ten cards, the question is answered taking into consideration: the crux of the matter, highest ideals and grounded reality of the situation, past, present, and natural outcome of the present.

The question: what message could the students of UT Tyler receive that will help in becoming the best version of themselves as the semester is starting?

The heart of this question comes with the visage of opportunity on the horizon and with a reminder of the responsibilities we come to adopt. So, as we fulfill the opportunity of higher education, internships, career goals, independency, we are reminded to take care of what needs to be done. To take care of homework, paperwork and deadlines, and to be on top of things so we have the ability to move forward.

Depicting the highest ideals, the most optimistic view, of this issue is the realization of the importance of exploring our passions. Though dreams and heartfelt desires may seem like they are deep within a bottomless font, we need to feel free to mount beauty, imagination, and inspiration, and ride freely through our creative outlets.

As above, so below, the highest ideals for this reading are a reflection of bravery and rejuvenation. At a time of manifesting our dreams and desires, it is good to make use of intellectual and verbal skills to avoid being bogged down and to mitigate the effects if and when we become weary. And becoming weary is okay; needing a period of quiet reflection before carrying on is okay. It gives us an opportunity for renewal so that we may explore our passions.

Coming into this academic year, we are in a great position to continue bringing with us a sense of self-security. As the body is the house for the creative-soul, having a sanctuary steadfast and well-built is advantageous for letting our passions soar free.

Currently, in this academic year, we have upcoming personal quests and journeys to be pursued with an energetic drive. With promising paths presented to us, highlighted are our inherent qualities: our capacity for nurturing, artistic vision and intuitive abilities. The energetic drive allows us to take care of ourselves, invest time into ourselves, as much as it is powerful for our fulfillment and manifestation.

Following the present’s natural flow is the promise of a reward, from a commitment to a job well done. Our present is shaped by our actions and will manifest opportunities in careers, new projects and new assignments for many of us. For others, shaping the present will even manifest the possibility of going into business desired.

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