The Talon Tarot: A mid-semester checkup

Marcuz Valenzuela • Staff Writer

Tarot spread

For weary students, the end of the year signals the near completion of exams. It’s important to step back and take a breath after weeks of exams or completing piled up assignments. Designed by Tumblr user Dreamy-kat, this five card tarot spread serves as a check-up and answers: where we are, our wants, our needs, what is causing harm and what will heal. In this spread with cards from the Wild Unknown Tarot, we have the Nine of Swords, Two of Cups, Son of Cups, Seven of Swords and Son of Pentacles.

The Nine of Swords answers, “Where am I currently?” and reflects the uncomfortable situations some students may be in. The card is depicted by eyes, maggots and the jawbone of a beast. The gruesome image signifies anguish. The card tells its audience that they are currently suffering from states like insomnia, nightmares, dread and even depression. Some may find themselves having sleepless nights because of studying or homework, and others might be dreading the idea of having to face exams or assignments.

Answering “What do I want?,” the Two of Cups signifies the blossoming of a meaningful relationship. Illustrated by two cups and two roses crossing each other, the stark red on the card captures the eyes of its beholder. Just like the beauty of the red roses, the relationship signaled by the Two of Cups is promised to be just as bright. The relationship described by this card does not have to be purely romantic, though. For those already in a relationship, this is an affirmation of devotion. The genuine connections that come with friendship and partnership are equally wholesome and beautiful.

Contrasting what is wanted, the Son of Cups gives us what we need. This card is about trusting our heart and intuition to drive us forward. This card represents romantic perfection, whether it’s about a situation or a person. Being presented with an extraordinary sight can catch one off guard, but there is reassurance in trusting how we feel, even if it doesn’t always make sense.

At the center of the spread lies the question, “What is causing harm?” The Seven of Swords signifies trickery and secrecy. You may be aware of the deception against you, but it may just be you deceiving yourself. This may include tricking yourself into believing responsibilities can be pushed off over and over again.

The last card, the Son of Pentacles, answers “What can heal me?” This means that the way to move forward from procrastination and sleepless nights is to keep a steadfast pace. Sometimes, this may mean that you need to put something off for tomorrow because it’s better to resume work well-rested than finish with a work that doesn’t reflect you’re capable of.

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