The Patriot Talon's Slang Guide

Have you ever been confused by something someone said, or not understood something in the Twittersphere? We asked one of our staffers, Marcuz Valenzuela, to break it down for us with an explanation of some of the most popular slang, and we weren't disappointed.

“And I oop--”

Used when caught off guard, popularized by drag queen Jasmine Masters.


A good song.

"This song's a bop, sis."

"Oh, word" / "Oh, worm"

When something resonates with the speaker’s mood.

"Ok boomer"

Used when biases, from someone born in the Baby Boomer generation, block out any appeal to logic from a younger generation; not a slur.

Grandma: "No one's going to hire you with those tattoos."

Me: "Ok boomer."


Similar to “Pardon?”


Written or spoken laughter, originating from both Gay and Black Twitter, popularized by VSCO girl satire.


A form of friendly address.


Shortened version of “suspicious.”

Friend 1:"Sis I can't find his finsta."

Friend 2: "Sus."


To denote something being taken, or used as a compliment i.e “looking snatched”


Being of good quality.

"These fries slap, sis."


To be shocked, or surprised.


Gossip, often used with “Spill the tea.” Characterized by importance with how "hot" or "piping hot" it is. Can be combined with "Sis."


Pronounced “ou-woo." Used to denote happiness in the current moment.

"Wanna run that by me one more time?"

A variant of being confused. Similar to “Come again?” and “Pardon?”


Used when shocked, often in pair with one’s “wig” being blown off or “snatched” by the tea.

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