The image of a student athlete: how far can they go?

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Division II is an amazing accomplishment for any school, along with scholarships and other rewards.

This celebration is one that I find intriguing, considering the conditions these new students must follow to accept and become a part of the athletics of our school.

What contracts do they have to follow? Do they have social media restrictions? Do they have guidelines in statements they can make about the school?

In order to find more about students’ regulations I looked first at the NCAA guidelines for more information.

The Chicago Tribute 2015 reports, “Before the start of every season, college athletes must sign an NCAA ‘“student-athlete statement’” to affirm their eligibility.”

It covers things such as educational records and drug testing, and for years it included a passage in which athletes gave permission for the NCAA and related parties, “to use (the athlete’s) name or picture to generally promote NCAA championships or other NCAA events, activities or programs.”

The standard has been set since 2015. Students have to sign away certain rights in exchange for the awards they receive.

However, when I looked to my own university and I prompted the same questions to the athletics department, I have yet to receive an answer or documentation of what contact current athletes need to sign.

The documentation and answers to these questions need to be public for the protection of the students that we walk side by side with every day.

Students athletes are students first and deserve to have their voices heard.

We need to know what they have signed away and what rules they have to follow, or we have failed them as fellow students.

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