Social distancing who?

Emily Bush

Arts & Lifestyle Editor

Throughout the past four weeks, UT Tyler has seen some cases of COVID-19 sprout up among the student body, much like other college campuses across America. Despite the school’s efforts to implement social distancing regulations and mask requirements to get into buildings, something still seems to be going wrong. Letting a couple cases slip through the cracks is understandable, mainly because of exposure at other places like work or families who have essential workers. However, to keep more students safe, the school will have to enforce these regulations more or else we will see more cases transfer from student to student at a rapid pace.

According to UT Tyler’s COVID-19 Precautionary Information webpage, the University is “requiring all students, faculty, staff and visitors to wear face coverings in University buildings, classrooms/labs, meeting spaces, athletic and recreational events and other areas where multiple people are gathered,” as of July 20. Masks, or “face coverings,” are not required in individual dorm rooms or offices. Though, a simple stroll into the Patriot Zone can prove that this rule is not being enforced.

When you’re not eating, make sure you put on your mask, even if you know the person is COVID negative! Always sit six feet apart, eating or not.

Although eating can be an excuse not to wear a mask, many of the people I caught while waiting for my own Chick-Fil-A were simply sitting around or having a chat with their friends near the video games. Whether alone or with others, air can travel a long way, and wearing a mask helps prevent the spread of any bacteria, COVID or not. If someone is not eating, they should keep their mask on to prevent more cases than there needs to be.

Hanging out with your friends is fun, but make sure you take proper precautions and keep your mask on. You never know who can be mortally affected by COVID-19.

Even when sitting alone, make sure you take proper precaution and keep your mask pulled up. It can protect you and everyone around you.

It is clear after seeing some people violating the regulations that the University definitely needs to be harder on students about wearing the face coverings while gathered in a place like the Patriot Zone. They could put themselves and others in danger by transferring the disease to people outside campus as well.

If you take anything from this article, please wear a mask when you should. Try to avoid physical contact with other people in order to keep everyone safe. You never know who is at risk of dying from this disease and who is not. Be safe out there.

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