Shooting near UT Tyler leaves one dead, two injured

Karen Mendoza • Contributing Writer

Three people were shot at The Foundry Apartments, located on 3400 Varsity Dr., near The University of Texas at Tyler. The call was made to Tyler Police Department at 11:15 p.m.

Police pronounced one dead on the scene, later identified as Armani Jewel, 19, from Lufkin, while the other two victims were taken to the hospital. One victim was said to have suffered minor injuries. The other victim’s injuries are still unknown.

Students on the Wildfire app, an alert service for university students about events nearby, made a post under the Safety category. A user by the name of “Purserverence” created the post at 12:23 a.m.

“Thought y’all should know that about 10 gunshots were fired over at the Foundry and there are like three police cars, ambulances, and a fire truck. Stay safe!” Purserverence said.

An emailed alert to students about the shooting happened at 12:56 a.m., 1 hour and 41 minutes after the initial call.

“The suspect was said to be a light skinned black male, approximately 6’ 1” in height wearing grey sweatpants and a grey sweater,” the Patriots Alert email said. “His hair is described as styled in a man bun.”

The alert was made 33 minutes after the post, with students calling before to receive a response from the UT Tyler police department.

UT Tyler student Jessica Hale made a phone call to the UT Tyler Police Department at 12:49 a.m.

“Just called PD, they said to ‘be careful’ while walking on campus,” Hale said. “That there are police patrolling and that they are working on an alert to be sent.”

“I called the UTT Police because I was mad no one got an alert earlier than that,” Wildfire user livmcnew posted on the app as well. “They claimed it was because it technically wasn’t ‘on campus’. But still, it’s so close.”

The Foundry Apartments are not promoted on the UT Tyler website as a part of their on-campus housing. On the complex’s online application process, there is a separate section for student information, however.

A unique section compared to other rental applications in Tyler. The Foundry Apartments location next to University Pines Apartments, an on-campus living option, was of particular concern.

“I live at UPines literally facing The Foundry. The suspect probably doesn’t care that The Foundry isn’t considered on campus,” Purserverance said on the Wildfire app.

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