SGA election results

Emily Bush • Staff Writer

The results of the Mr. and Miss UT Tyler competition are in! The Student Government Association has posted the results online, and the winners are Chandy Norrell and Zachary Tucker. Along with the Mr. and Miss UT Tyler competition results, the results for SGA officer elections have been posted. The majority vote is as follows: Joshua Menhennett for president, Hannah Cooper for vice president, Jennifer Stavinoha for secretary, Cameron Long for treasurer and Robert Ray for parliamentarian. For more election results, visit the SGA website.

Despite the cancellation of homecoming due to COVID-19, Tucker and Norrell will still hold the title and represent the university. As far as statistics go, the candidates for Mr. and Miss UT Tyler had a similar amount of total votes: 589 for all the girls and 579 for the boys. For Miss UT Tyler, Amari Evans came in with 9.17% of the votes, Brooklyn Cortez with 4.58%, Cameron Long with 14.09%, Diamond Tralar with 6.62%, Emmalee Hilton with 14.94%, Mackenzie Bernardino with 13.24%, Murphy McDermott with 15.62% and Chandy Norrell with 21.73%. On the boys’ side, Christian Reeves received 39.55% of the votes, and Zachary Tucker received 60.45% of the votes.

Below are the graphs showing voting details for the competition. Congratulations to everyone that competed and to Chandy Norrell and Zachary Tucker for becoming Mr. and Miss UT Tyler 2020.

Photos courtesy of SGA

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