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Rathke has earned All-American in the 800 and 1,500 on six different occassions. In his 2014 season, Rathke won the 1,500 in NCAA DII National Championship. His recorded times for the 1,500 is 3:44:15, with the mile following closely at 4:05:66. “I am honored to take on this new role and am excited about both programs going into the season,” Rathke said in an interview for UT Tyler.

Chase Rathke knows how to succeed in a top program. He raced at Tarleton State University for five years and won a national championship in D2. Now, Rathke is ready to start another race: being the first-year assistant track coach for The University of Texas at Tyler.

Rathke coached at a high school for two years before coming to the university. He said he’s eager to bring a national championship to the University.

“I ran in the conference that we are going into,” Rathke said, “So, I know what to expect. I know the competition level that we need to be at. I think it has been good for the team because I know what to expect, so I am helping us get there right now. I am doing everything in my power to get us to the next level, and to take the next step where we can compete right away.”

Rathke said the transition when a change of leadership takes place can be difficult, but the athletes have been welcoming.

It’s been a lot of fun. These guys and girls have made it a lot of fun to coach. They’ve made the whole transition into the college ranks easy, honestly,” Rathke said.

It has also been an easy transition for the team.

“I think he is a good coach and a nice guy. I think he is bright, driven and motivated,” said runner Nathan Adams.


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