Letter from the Editor: Fall 2019

Hey Patriots!

By the time you read this, it’ll be a whole month into the semester. That doesn’t feel right, because it feels like I've already been here for at least three. I’m sure that’s all something we can say; the semester flys by fast, but also somehow drags on to be incredibly slow. Weird how time acts when you’re on a college campus, right? Call it a liminal space, I guess.

As I try to do at the beginning of every semester, I wanted to reach out to all of you and talk about the changes and improvements we’re making this semester. The first one, in case you hadn’t noticed the front page, is that we’ve gone back to The Patriot Talon! We know that’s another big change for you to get used to, but it’s one we fully support–the Patriot Talon has been a long-standing tradition of ethical news reporting. Plus, we were just really excited to have Swoop back.

We’ve got a bunch of really other exciting things planned as well. Making good on my promise to the campus last semester, I’m bringing the Patriot Talon to be community-driven and digital-first. Between a new weekly email newsletter we’ve launched and an overhaul to our website and social media, Talon student media is dedicated to making the news you need to know as accessible as opening your phone, email, or scrolling through Twitter.

But we can’t do all of our news reporting alone; we’re a staff of about 20 people, and there are over 11,000 students and 600 faculty and staff all spread across the 200 acres of this campus. We did the math; for us to cover everything, each staff member would need to cover 10 acres and 580 people...while also being full-time students with jobs and social lives.

That’s why this semester we’re asking you to get involved, and to help us make the news move. Reach out to us to ask us questions you want to see reporting on or tell us what you think we’re missing that needs to be covered. We care about what you care about, so help us make stuff happen, and make UT Tyler’s news uniquely yours.

We’re excited to start this semester off with everyone. Make sure to follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss the events we have planned (like a trivia night, pumpkin decorating, and a midterms study night). Let’s continue to make this semester, and this campus, better together.


Claire Wallace


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