‘El Camino:’ Nothing more than it needs to be

Anyone who is a “Breaking Bad” fan screamed in excitement when they heard of the new movie focusing on Jessie Pinkman. Following the events of the show, the movie’s goal is to answer the questions regarding what happens to Jessie after he was rescued from a pack of entrepreneurial meth-heads.

The problem that a lot of sequels and prequels have is they get too stuck on trying to answer all the questions that the original leaves open. This ultimately ends up posing more questions or simply not answering the initial ones in a satisfying way.

“El Camino” doesn’t have this problem. The story is simple; how does Jessie escape? That’s it. There is not much more to the movie than exactly that, but the way in which the story is told reveals everything you need to know about who Jessie has become and how.

The movie switches between the present and the past in order to show you both what Jessie has been through, as well as how he has access to certain pieces of information.

Present Jessie has flickers of who he was early in the show, but that is all you see of old him. New Jessie is an animal: hardened and made wise by his experience. He controls his emotions, he is observant, he is cunning, but he is not a monster.

Jessie’s story has its moments, but overall is not particularly exciting. There is no real villain to point at and there isn’t even really a climax to the movie.

That is what makes this story-closing film so perfect; the story is more about us seeing how Jessie Pinkman has changed and knowing how his story ends. It’s exactly what we need. Nothing more, nothing less.

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