Despite promised 2021 stimulus checks, House focus remains elsewhere

David Young

Opinion Editor

January 26th marked the 6th day of Joe Biden’s presidency and a senate and house democratic majority. The majority in voter turnout has chosen our elected officials who, like all politicians, make promises upon receiving office.

President Biden’s promised golden egg was an increase of two thousand dollars in total stimulus checks. However, how he’s held up that promise seems a little cloudy.

The focus in the House and Senate is the impeachment trial of the previous president, but it seems that priorities lay elsewhere regarding the third stimulus payment with Nancy Pelosi's statement on January 21st: “We will be doing our committee work all next week so that we are completely ready to go to the floor when we come back.”

The House is not meeting until Feb 1. and the Senate is seeing bills mainly targeting Biden’s Executive orders, as seen below.

  • On January 25th “H.R.466 - To prohibit the use of funds to provide for the United States to become a party to the Paris Agreement” was introduced to the Senate by

  • Rep. Andy Biggs, Texas, District 21

  • Representative Andy Biggs Arizona, District 5 proposed bill “H.R.450 - To prohibit the use of Federal funds to propose, establish, implement, or enforce any requirement that an individual wear a mask or other face covering, or be vaccinated, to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and for other purposes.”

  • Rep Ken Calvert, California, District 42 proposed bill “H.R.453 - To deny Federal funding to any State or political subdivision of a State that has in effect any law, policy, or procedure that prevents or impedes a State or local law enforcement official from maintaining custody of an alien pursuant to an immigration detainer issued by the Secretary of Homeland Security, and for other purposes."

The how and when of Biden’s promised $1,400 is now like most promises made by politicians -- lost to a split bipartisan Congress. Congress 117 is locked in a battle of political warfare with Americans caught in the middle. The only thing that is certain is that the house will meet again in February.

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