Column: 'Shut Up and Listen'

Alyssa Luther

Staff Writer/Columnist

Connor David Crowe

Sophomore (Year 2)

Biology Major/Biochemistry Minor


“The longer all of the problems facing our country go on, the more I feel like they aren’t going away anytime soon.”

Elaina Smith

Junior (Year 3)

Chemical Engineer Major/Chemistry Minor


“One thing I struggle with is time management. It is so hard for me to balance school, work, and in life in general.”

Madison Nicole Hughes (bottom left)

Freshman (Year 1)

Health Science Major


“I am very upset that I am getting charged normal pricing for housing when I cannot utilize all of the amenities. At Liberty Landing, the pool, gym,movie/game room, and the volleyball and basketball courts are all closed, yet I am still technically being charged for them since there was no reduction in pricing from last semester.”

Taryn Lane Blackerby (bottom right)

Junior (Year 3)

Music Education Major


“I have no money and bills need to be paid.”

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