Catch Me If You Can is worth the chase!

Taryn Sullivan • Food Editor

Catch Me If You Can is a bright green food truck with a red, smiling crawfish. It was caught at the Big Lots parking lot, which was posted on their Facebook page.

Want delicious Cajun food that bursts with flavor in every bite? Catch Me If You Can is a southern creole food truck with a menu that features a large variety of southern Cajun food options.

The menu offers: fish filets, fried shrimp, Cajun tenders, boudin, boudin egg rolls, fried pickles, Cajun corn, boiled crawfish or shrimp, corn and potatoes, beans, rice and even a sweet fried Snickers for dessert.

The food is absolutely scrumptious in itself, but all expectations were especially exceeded when greeted by a friendly owner.

Owners Amanda and Casey Longacre are on their third trailer now and celebrated the one-year anniversary of their food truck in March.

Amanda Longacre gave insight about the creole food truck and their background.

“I’ve been working in restaurants since I was about 15, Amanda said. “I’ve always loved to cook. It’s always been a passion. I have done it all in restaurants, from being a server to being a GM and corporate trainer.”

Amanda was born in Tyler but moved to Texarkana as a young girl. She went to college in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and moved back to Tyler about 15 years ago.

So, why Cajun food?

“Seafood is my absolute favorite food!” Amanda explained. “A lot of people say they cook Cajun, and it’s not quite there. I wanted to be different. I wanted to stand out. So, I came up with my own recipes. My husband had all the faith in me. I was terrified.”

Catch Me If You Can has a menu that features a wide variety of Cajun southern food for a fair price, like the Cajun corn only being $2!

Around spring time last year, the southern eatery food truck was starting up.

“My husband had so much trust and faith in what I was doing that he quit his career in the oil field to be my partner full time. I sure wasn’t ready to jump in like that. Here we are! Still going strong!”

Amanda’s favorite Cajun food is crawfish, while her husband Casey, says his is catfish.

UT Tyler student Karen Mendoza tried the food truck for the first time and commented about the boudin she ordered.

“It’s just stuffed with rice and meat and all these things that are so good. Then, it’s right on the outside, so you get the crunch and the squish, and it’s like the weirdest sensation,” Mendoza said.

If you want exceptional service with a smile and delicious creole food, check out Catch Me If You Can on Facebook or Instagram, where they post their weekly schedule, locations and featured menu items.

“I love seeing others smile,” Amanda said. “What better way to do so than through their tummies! I always try to go the extra mile and give great customer service too. Make them feel loved and welcome. You never know what your love may do for them.”

Keep an eye out for a smiling crawfish painted on the food truck!

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