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A lie that many high school and college graduates are told is that the job market is wide open, a field just sitting and waiting for you.

As the thousands of people who have spent time searching for a part-time job while in college, or a career job after college, can tell you, it can be extremely difficult to find something that fits your needs.

However, the good-- and unfortunately little-realized-- news is that we are not alone in this search!

The Office of Career Success, which was restructured in 2018, has “Career Coaches” specific to each college who are ready and willing to help students with anything job-related.

These coaches are not housed in the same building, but each college has a particular coach assigned to it who helps the students with everything they might need, job-wise.

“Anything career-related, I would say we are always open to coaching a student,” says Director of Career Success Leah Velarde. “[We] help students with resume-writing… anything! Cover letters, mock interviews, just career guidance in general.”

Aside from the “practice” type help, the Career Coaches are also a very practical resource in connecting directly with potential employers. Every day, employers-- both those part-time and full-time-- contact the individual coaches, alerting them as to a new job posting.

This communication goes both ways: “We talk to employers every day, trying to find out ‘Well, what are you looking for?’ and ‘How can we connect you with our students?’” says Velarde.

This constant communication results in both post-college and during-college jobs, so that everyone has something they can find which works for them.

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Photo courtesy of Brynna Williamson

Both Velarde and Career Coach Nyree Brockman agree that the most coveted on-campus jobs fill up very quickly, so it is always worth a student’s time to contact their career success coach and get started on applications as soon as possible. The Coaches have connections to all departments in the UT infrastructure, so they are a very helpful resource for all on-campus job searches as well as post-graduation jobs.

“Don’t wait! Don’t wait to reach out to your career coach,” Brockman says. “So many people wait to contact their career coach.”

The Career Coaches, for the most part, hear the same kind of questions; however, they do occasionally hear questions that are different and show the diligent potential of the student.

“[My favorite question is] ‘How do I make it better?’” said Brockman. “Just overall. I like that… because typically when someone asks me that, they’re not afraid of me getting out my red pen.” “[What I hear the most is], ‘I don’t know where to start, I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what my next step is.’ That’s great though, because that’s why we’re here!” laughed Brockman.

As for what students need to do in order to start their search, both Brockman and Velarde recommend similar things. Both Brockman and Velarde strongly recommend that students start out by looking over Handshake, the free and online job posting website where the University’s (and other) jobs are listed.

This website, where every student already has an account linked to their Patriot email address, has been hailed as a hugely helpful resource in locating a job perfect for each student.

According to Velarde, there are some interesting jobs availabilities on campus right now, such as a RecSports Lifeguard, the Mary Jane McNamara History Research Internship, a One-Stop Contact Specialist, and a Welcome Center Very Important Patriot (VIP) Tour Guide.

Any students that are interested in applying to these jobs should look on Handshake, visit, or contact their Career Coaches as listed below.

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