CAB brings hypnotist for homecoming week

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

The Campus Activities Board Homecoming Kick-off Pep Rally will be held March 23 through the 29 with promises of food, fireworks, traditions, and more around campus, Staff Writer Zainab Ansari reports.

Along with the festivities are two nationally-distinguished stage performances by a hypnotist and stunt performer.

“We want to host events that build school spirit so it gets students really excited about the events happening during homecoming,” Campus Activities Coordinator Dwala Thompson said. “We want to bring something new to campus so that students can have that experience but also have fun.”

The artists were selected when CAB officials attended a National Association of Campus Activities conference and saw a variety of acts and chose which few to bring into campus to build school spirit and excite students.

One of the acts that stand out is an interactive performance by Tim Miller, a renowned hypnotist who performs with his wife Michelle and their dog, Panda.

The Millers have their own television series “Hypnotizing America,” a comedy hypnosis show that features on-stage performances.

The show involves a chance for volunteers to experience hypnosis and put on a show themselves.

Another engaging performance held on the same day is Wacky Chad, an acclaimed stunt comedian known for performing pogo stick skills and gags for over 15 years.

Not only is he known for pogo stick tricks, but juggling, unicycle, and skateboard stunts with audience participation to give him a hand in these dares.

In terms of what is to come, students can expect high energy entertainment and laughter while engaged in the show itself.

Both shows are scheduled for Tuesday, March 24, and students stay up to date by visiting UT Tyler’s page for Homecoming 2020.

“We want everyone excited for homecoming and have these events that gets everyone together and gather school spirit.” Thompson said. “Of course, other schools have had different types of things. We’re bringing in a different type of fun, a different type of energy to UT Tyler.”

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