A reflection on the 18th Anniversary of 9/11

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Flag with plane
Logan Hernández | Patriot Talon Staff

Logan Hernández | Patriot Talon Staff

Today we remember the multitudes of Americans that perished at the hands of Al Qaeda and radical terrorism while going about their everyday lives on September 11, 2001. 

Some were conducting business in the World Trade Centers in New York. 

Some were Military Personnel operating in Washington DC at the Pentagon. 

Some were simply airline passengers on a hijacked plane heading to an unknown target over a Pennsylvania field. 

No matter what walks of life these Americans came from, we will forever remember them by their heroic deeds and humanity in the face of a national crisis. 

It was in New York that firefighters risked life and limb to rescue and secure survivors from the burning Twin Towers.

The Towers eventually succumbed to their damage and crumbled down onto the city, caking everything in dust and the remains of what once was. 

It was over that field in Pennsylvania that passengers became Patriots, resisting a hijacking attempt and in the process sacrificing their own lives to prevent the loss of thousands of others. These passengers acted selflessly and stood up to oppressive forces, demonstrating the Spirit of Freedom in America's darkest hour.

Today, I among many others remember the countless families torn apart by the attacks, and the families that would later torn apart by the War on Terror that ensued. 

As a tribute, I wanted to post this picture that I took in April of 2018, depicting an American flag, hung from the ladder of a fire engine, with an airplane emerging from behind the flag. 

This photograph echoes resilience, the unification of Americans in the midst of a tragedy.

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