A ‘park’ alypse now

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Ever since the development of the Patriot Plaza, parking at The University of Texas at Tyler has been a struggle. No one wants to make the trek from the Soules College of Business parking garage, and if you live on campus, you don’t want to move your car because you might lose your spot.

In this new year of 2020, there has to be improvements to the parking spaces, or lack thereof -- right? Staff Writer Kaitlyn Wilkes asks the questions everyone wants answers to.

The parking lot by Ornelas Hall is a perfect testament to the parking struggle that students face.

During the day, if you need to make an errand, good luck finding a spot when you get back. It seems like there is a lack of spots in the most convenient spot for residents of O-Hall, as well as commuter students.

So far, even though we are only a month into the new year, it seems like there will be no effort to fix the struggles students face.

After speaking to Beverly Golden, the Senior Media Director and Special Assistant to the President, it seems the only additions to parking will be a “double row of new parking on the south edge of Liberty Landing.” Golden also stated that there is a “project to add a sidewalk from Victory Village to Liberty Landing.”

The new parking spaces are a part of this new project. It can be expected to open in August of 2020.

Patriots, unless you live in Liberty Landing, it looks like there won’t be any more parking spaces made available any time soon. Until then, try to get to campus early to get a parking spot, that way you might only be five minutes late to class.

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