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About us

Talon Student Media (TSM) is the student produced media at The University of Texas at Tyler. It is home to social media, a print newspaper, a YouTube channel, podcasts, magazines and more in the future.

Our goal is to inform, entertain, educate and heighten awareness of students, faculty and administrators at the University of Texas at Tyler. Staff members will be responsible journalists by maintaining high ethical standards with fairness, accuracy and balance.

TSM encourages and provides an avenue for free flow of student expressions and opinions. The newspaper will serve as a learning tool to help students gain experience in all aspects of the print media. TSM is a public forum.


We are an independent, student-run news outlet. We strive to inform, educate and entertain students, faculty and staff at the University of Texas at Tyler. TSM staff members receive training to follow responsible journalism codes of ethics. The Patriot encourages and proves a way for all student voices to be heard. TSM is open to students of all majors and serves as a learning tool for print, video, podcasting, radio, web and social media. Staff members will also gain experience in critical thinking, teamwork, time management and leadership.




Chandler Gibson

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Managing Editor 

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Copy Editor

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Public Relations Director

Opinion Editor

Arts and Lifestyle Editor

Arinellys Rosario

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